In which the Doctor and Merlin have a disagreement, and Sherlock falls in love with Lady Edith.


In case you are all, “What does that title even mean?!?” Those are a few characters from my favorite TV shows. All British shows, and all very well acted. Doctor Who, Merlin (duh), Sherlock, and Downton Abbey. Gah! They are just so wonderful. I realize that it must seem to you that all I do every day is sit and watch my favorite British TV shows and drink tea. Well, sometimes I do….But that is not the point. And now I will go into why I am in love with these shows so much, and I will probably start crying. I’m a crier. Heeeere we go!


Doctor Who: A show about a 900 year old Time Lord (which is an ancient extraterrestrial race) that travels through all of time and space in a blue police box. He travels with companions that he loves with all of his heart. He takes his companions on wonderful adventures that no one could ever dream of going on, and he saves our planet from being taken over, and destroyed by other alien races more times than humanly possible…He he.. See what I did there?

This show will suck you in, and you won’t be able to think about anything else. Strangely enough, it will become a very big part of your life. Steven Moffat will kill off your favorite characters, you will have emotional breakdowns, and you will never be the same. It is a show that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.


Merlin: Loosely based on Arthurian legend, it is a show about courage, love, and friendship. Merlin is King Arthur’s servant in the kingdom of Camelot. Merlin is a young warlock, and the last of the dragon lords, only no one knows except for Gauis, his mentor/father figure/friend, because sorcery is banned through the five kingdoms.  Together Merlin and Arthur go into battle, they face the evil witch Morgana, and they joke with each other through all of it. Cabbage head, turnip head, and any other sort of vegetable head are common insults that are used. Merlin saves Arthur’s life multiple times without recognition because he cannot tell Arthur that he is a sorcerer.

It is cheesy, yes, but it is well acted (for the most part). You will love the characters, and you will hate the characters, but you will enjoy the story so much that you won’t be able to stop watching it. And if all of that isn’t reason enough for you to watch it, the knights of Camelot are pretty darn cute.


Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch, and Martin Freeman. That is all I have to say about that.


Downton Abbey: Follows the aristocratic Crawley family, and their servants, through the sinking of the Titanic, the Great War, and hardships that will make you want to curl up in a ball and cry for days. You see the glamorous life upstairs with the Crawley family, and the not so glamorous life of the servants downstairs. For the first season you will hate quite a few characters, but you will grow to love them. By the third season you will have “lived” through many wonderful things and many terrible things. If you are a crier like me, definitely have a box of tissues on hand.. You will need them. I am still crying about season three… I think it may have killed a wee part of me.


So there you have it. My favorite shows in a very small nutshell. I hope that you all go into a bit of a BBC coma now!

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