Why must one have a reason to dress up?




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  1. My darling kyra, I just got off the couch and came to my ‘room’. On the couch….I’d been working on a cathedral window quilt for several years now and decided to work on it a bit while listening to an audio book. I thought of you….why (well, like I really need a reason…anyways)….I planned years ago when I started this quilt to use the scraps from your and Maddy’s quilts I made you when you were little and also fabric from some of your Mom’s dresses I made her. Thinking of those scraps it reminded me of you because…if you remember, I also made ya’ll a doll quilt out of the same fabric…except I used some fabric that wasn’t in your quilts. You looked at the little doll quilt and told us this piece and that one, etc weren’t in your quilt. Reflecting on that, it’s no wonder you have an eye for taking wonderful pictures. It has always been a part of you to see the details. What a smart gal you are and you just don’t know how proud I am of you and that I am your Beebo. Be faithful always & alway my precious, I love you, Beebo

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