Monthly Archives: June 2013

Morning swim




 Maddy is just so fabulous in her new suit and sunnies. 




Today we got lost more times than I would like to admit. We found out that it is possible for Wendy’s to run out of chocolate Frosty’s, and we were grateful for a second Wendy’s on the other side of town. We spent a little time in the shade, which is not any cooler than the sunny areas. Most importantly, we purchased many low priced Star Trek books. Today was pretty good. ImageImageImageImageImage

Super Moon



With a tripod in my arms and a flashlight around my neck, I ventured outside with the bugs, and the creepy crawlies to get this less-than-stellar photo. I planted my wobbly tripod in the sand, pointed my lens skyward, adjusted my settings and started shooting. As luck would have it, I had found the world’s most angry and evil ant colony, and planted my bare toes right on top of their home. I learned that fire ants do NOT like it when humans disturb their peaceful, nighttime activities. I also learned that they do, in fact, love to chomp on innocent, chubby toes. The Spider man bandaids on my toes will tell you that it was not worth it, but I am glad that I got to see that lovely, orange moon high in the sky. Image